Welcome to the part of the website that has some testimonials from my awesome students.

(These are pure, unfiltered, 100% un-edited comments. :))

I have so much stoke for Elena and her teaching style of yoga. I’ve been working with her for almost two years now and know I will always feel better after a class with her. She is gracious, articulate, and patient while also down to earth and humorous. I always feel refreshed and grounded after working with her!
— Y Lan N.
I started working with Elena following an acute injury to my shoulder. Elena tailored exercises to work in conjunction with my physical therapy, my lifestyle, and my overall healing. Since starting with Elena, I have made enormous strides in recovery that I could not have expected with physical therapy alone. Elena is thorough, thoughtful, and non-pretentious in her practice, and her acknowledgement and understanding of the physical and mental aspects of healing are invaluable! (for real though you the bomb)
— Miranda W.
Elena’s love for yoga is apparent from the moment she steps into the studio. She designs thoughtful and creative sequences with a focus on alignment that brings each student deeply into their experience within their body, taking them out of the chatter of their minds. You can tell from her quiet confidence she has put focused time and energy into learning her craft to create an environment in which you feel safe and supported. She has an infectious sense of humor allowing for moments of lightness and laughter within the class.
— Michaela M.
I hate yoga, but I love Elena’s class.
— Lenise L.