Photo courtesy of REI #sponsored ya'll

Photo courtesy of REI #sponsored ya'll

Moving the body is a privilege, honestly, it’s an absolute pleasure. The body is the vessel by which we get to explore, play, and interact with the world at large. It is the way we translate thought into reality.

Through our different choices, we change shape. We move seamlessly from one realm to the next, taking on the mannerisms, the body language, the shapes of of our surroundings. We laugh, cry, love, anger, we feel, and through feeling, we demonstrate the endless possibilities of what it means to exist as a human.

I shapeshift in all dimensions: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Dichotomy is a natural part of wholeness. In fact, by opposites defining one another, we find they are inextricably entangled. Yoga helps us find the union in duality.

When people ask me, "what do you want to do with your life?" the only answer I really know is a vague one: I want to change the world.

I completed my undergraduate studies with a double degree in Biology and Psychology, two fields that satisfied my scientific curiosity and drive to learn.

Shortly after came yoga teacher training. I knew from day one that teaching would be inevitable: the desire to serve others is a cornerstone of my personality. My interest now lies in the fields of movement, anatomy, and mindfulness.

I strive to integrate healthy alignment and anatomical knowledge in my teaching to help provide a strong basis for students to take flight on their own. My goal in my teaching is to give you the tools to become your own greatest teacher - the tools of mindful awareness, knowledge of your own body, and the acceptance and integration of your ego. I determine the needs of the students before me and am able to speak to each and every body, keeping in mind the uniqueness of every person on their mat.

My name is Elena Cheung, and I am a rock climber, yoga teacher, movement lover, and a big video game nerd. I'm based out of Seattle, WA.

Continuing Education

with Richelle Ricard, The Yoga Engineer

  • Mentorship

  • Intensive Study of the Spine

  • Intensive Study of the Hips

  • Intensive Study of the Shoulders

  • Advanced Anatomy & Yoga for Athletes

with Jason Crandell

  • Injury Prevention Module

  • The Art of Yoga Sequencing

with Jules Mitchell

  • Yoga Biomechanics & the Science of Stretching

  • Restorative Yoga Asana Intensive

via Harvey Deutch

  • Biomechanics of Yoga

NKT Level 1

Certifications & Formal Education

(IP) RYT 500 with Tiffany Cruikshank, Yoga Medicine

  • Hip Anatomy

  • Shoulder Anatomy

  • Yoga for Athletes

  • Cadaver Lab

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Myofascial Release

Certified Yogastrologer with Diane Booth Gilliam, Yogastrology

E-RYT 200 with Danielle Day, Open Up Yoga Teacher Training

BS Biology & BA Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle